SS Braided PTFE Hose


Product Details:

Material PTFE (Inner Material)
Working Pressure 3000 PSI, 4000 PSI
Usage/Application Industrial
Length 1-12 Meter
Brand Eka High Pressure Fittings
Outer Material Stainless Steel
Country of Origin Made in India
  • Hose Type: PTFE
  • Construction:TFE(P) smooth tube externally S.S. 304 Braided What are the advantages TFE(P) hoses can offer Chemical Resistance: unlimited against all chemicals, acids and caustic solutions of any concentrations.Exceptions: Liquid alkali, metals and fluoride compounds.Temperature Resistance: -73° C to + 260° C maximum Weather Resistance: ozone and UV ray do not cause any material change.Ageing Resistance: practically unlimited, non-inflammable.
  • Difussion Resistance:favourable permeability behaviour.Food Suitability:physiologically unobjectionable, no transfer of taste or color.Heat Expansion Coefficient:linear, higher than steel.These properties mean:low maintenance cost during long service life. less production standstill. reduced storage requirements due to multiple application. more flexibility in disposition by multiple combination possibilities. Hose specification Tolerance:+/- 5%
  • End Connection:can be manufactured as per requirement. Consult our technical department for
  • High pressure and extra high pressure hose.
  • Hoses providing continuous conductive path to the metal end fittings to bleed static electricity.
  • Requirement of technical drawing or query.
  • TFE(P) lined hose assembly fitting to fitting.