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We are Manufacture of Swivel Fittings in India.These Swivel Fittings are made from high quality of raw material which ensure durability at its user end. Swivel fittings are rotating adapters and connectors that are often made available in metal for better durability and strength. Important benefits of using swivels include. Extending hose life. Eliminating kinks in supply lines. Reducing maintenance frequency and costs.

Feature and Benefits

  • Design includes ball bearings which minimize torque and maximize service life
  • Stainless steel material minimizes envelope and maximizes strength (special swivels are also available in titanium)
  • Dust seal excludes dirt and dust contamination for increased service life
  • Less than 5 psi pressure loss through straight configurations
  • Compatible with MIL-H-5606 and 82382 fluids (Special swivels are available for Skydrol applications)
  • Temperature range -65 degrees F to +275 degrees F
  • Available with flared, flareless and dynamic beam fitting ends

Our Products

  • Product Details: Minimum Order Quantity 50 Piece Thread Size any Material CS Application Pneumatic Connections Size 2 inch Brand EKA Minimum Quantity 20 PCS EKA High Pressure Fittings Manufacture High Pressure Swivel Fittings. Brand : EKA

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  • Product Details: Minimum Order Quantity 50 Piece Size 1/2 inch, 1 inch, 3/4 inch, 2 inch Application Gas Pipe, Pneumatic Connections, Structure Pipe, Hydraulic Pipe, Chemical Fertilizer Pipe Condition New Quantity Per Pack 25 Material SS ,CS MS Brand EKA We are Manufacture of Swivel Fittings in India. These Swivel Fittings are made from high …

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  • Product Details: Minimum Order Quantity 50 Piece Application Chemical Fertilizer Pipe Condition New Thread Size 1/8”” to 2”” npt or bsp or metric Material MS ,CS Size 3/4 inch Quantity Per Pack 25 Brand EKA MS Swivel Connector manufacturer and expoter as per client need. Connections – Threaded like BSP , NPT , End – …

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  • Product Details: Minimum Order Quantity 50 Piece Size 1 inch, 3/4 inch, 1/2 inch, 2 inch Application Pneumatic Connections, Gas Pipe, Chemical Fertilizer Pipe Thread Size all standard Condition New Quantity Per Pack 10 Pressure (Bar) any Material MS ,CS Brand EKA Swivel Tube Fittings manufacturer in India. high quality Swivel Tube Fittings made in …

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Swivel Fittings FAQ

Swivel-type fittings are designed to allow the coupling and hose connection to rotate, which prevents twisting, kinking and excessive bending. They consist of two major components, a stem and housing that can rotate relative to one another, as well as internal seals and bearings.

Single-plane swivel joints allow hoses to pivot in order to reduce mechanical stress from bending, stretching, and twisting. … With these swivel joints, a rotary seal between the stationary and rotating parts of the manifold contains the pressurized fluid, but allows relative rotation between the two halves.

Pipe Swivels do not seal on the thread-like most pipe threads; they seal on the nose of the swivel and the seat of the male tapered pipe thread. This creates a metal-to-metal seal. The Pipe Swivel Fitting is first installed in the mating component. Then the hose fitting is connected to the swivel nut.

Swivel Joints are attached to fittings that have a female seat. The swivel aspect of the design allows for the fitting to be oriented and held in position while the nut is tightened. … Available in most common hydraulic thread types such as BSPT and JIC.

Pipe Swivels are female adapters featuring a nut with a straight thread captured on a 30º cone tapered gland. A seal occurs between the taper in the male fitting and the 30º cone tapered gland. Pipe Swivels are for use with male tapered pipe thread hose fittings with a 30° seat.